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Silence can be golden

My bichapoo is precious but a real terror; barking early mornings and late at night. A kind relative alerted me to PetPawsabilities, now she is a welcome member of my community. She has been taught not to bark with vibrations instead of shocks, I have a happy little pet. Thank you for a perfect solution.

It definitely works

I have a 7 year old German shepherd who is very protective but runs out of the house barking at nothing. The collar has definitely shortened the amount of time she barks at nothing. It does not stop her from the “protective barking” such as if the neighbors are trying to have a peaceful moment in their backyard with their dog. Nope, the collar will not stop this one. I had higher hopes. I still won’t let her out without it.

Works well inside

My new rescue Shih Tzu mix barks at everything- cars, people, dogs, etc while we are walking. I hoped this would help, but it doesn't faze him. Inside it seems to help more so than outside- so I did decide to keep it. I'm hoping with some training to get the barking under control. He's little but loud!

Great Harness

This is a great harness and I love that it has the loop in the front (too) to help slow down our very high energy puppy. The only issue we have is the neck isn't small enough for our dog - wish it was more secure around the neck area. (small dog in picture)


I wasn’t sure what to expect because my dog has pretty bad separation anxiety, but after about 3 days there is a very noticeable difference in the barking and even the attitude! Would definitely recommend. Only thing

Way better than expected

This cruelty-free device has reduced the unwanted barking from one of our new puppies by at least 90%. We ordered a second one as we have two new puppies - hoping for the same excellent results!

Great product!

Easy to adjust and put on. Noticed huge difference from the first time used in that pulling has been drastically reduced. Well made and great product!

Awesome !!

Used this collar and totally worth it. Does not harm, just beeps and vibrates similar to a cell phone. It worked on my little 15 lb dog.

It Works!

We got this collar for our 10mo old 100lb Great Dane, and it absolutely works! We just adopted him, and he was barking nonstop at anything and everything. Now, when he barks and hears the beep, that’s all it takes for him to stop. I will say, he was trained using a shock collar when he was younger, so he’s familiar with the collar beep. Turns out my 95lb female Great Dane has now found her voice, and I’ll likely need one for her as well. She’s not familiar with the collar, so I’m curious to see how it works for her.

This really works!

When I got the collar I put it on my dog. I wanted to be there the first time he wore it to make sure that he didn't freak out from it. I rang the door bell so that he would bark. He barked a couple of times and that was it. I put it on him the next time I left. I have ring cameras that I watched him on and he did not bark at all. This has been a real blessing because I live in an apartment and my neighbors were starting to complain. I was skeptical that vibration would work and I didn't want to use a shock collar but it works and it's great!

Sound & vibration collar

My dog Raymond is a Shiba Inu & quite a barker. I tried & tried to get him to calm down & not bark at every little thing. I bought this noise & vibration collar hoping it would help. He doesn't like when it makes the long beep & vibration so he will look confused & whine a little but he stops barking. It has been working great for him.

Actually works

I had very little hope this collar would actually work but it does!! You obviously have to do some training with it, it’s not magic. But it works!! They still let off an initial bark when alerted, but then stop. No more excessive barking!

Works very well on my Chocolate Lab.

As advertised. Good product.

Barking Control collar

Absolutely love it. I had a shock collar before and it traumatized my dog, could not use it. This collar has stopped almost all barking and no pain, just a beep. It hasn't even gotten past the 3 beeps to the vibration, and he is a avid barker. Highly recommend.

Life saver!

Reduced my West Highland terrier’s barking by a solid 80% - 90%.

Worked Quickly!

We adopted a 1-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix who had not been socialized. She quickly earned the nickname of "Barkmaster 3000" because she barked at EVERYTHING. We thought our 10-year-old ACD who is a bark-once-kind-of-gal would teach her the Jedi ways, but we were wrong. Living in a quiet neighborhood, that's not cool. After trying lots of different training methods, we tried this collar. In less than 2 days, she has calmed down significantly! Matty now is also a bark-once dog (or never-bark), even when she isn't wearing the collar. She's clearly scared of it because she comes running, quietly whining but it's not terrible. My one suggestion would be a setting to allow for "bark once" because we do like the alert.

Worked almost instantly!

I have a 5 year old beagle/boxer who loves to bark, and extremely loudly at that. Not even 24 hours of having her collar on she was learning! Now she only gets one or two barks out and then she’s done. This has seriously been a life saver!

No Shock Humane Bark Control Collar

Life Changing!! I work from home with 4 Border Collies! Living on a corner lot, they would see someone go by and all 4 would bark, and I had to constantly worry they would bark during work calls. Now with the collars, I can leave them out during work calls with no worries of them all barking.

Has really limited the barking

My Great Pyrenees mix has a very loud bark and his instincts tell him everything needs to be scared away by it to protect us (his flock)...birds, squirrels, airplanes flying overhead. This collar is really helping to curb this habit to a more reasonable level.

Worth It!

My dog is 80 pounds and very anxious. He paced and barked at everything. I was really hesitant about using a negative reinforcement tactic because I was worried it would make him more anxious, but the opposite happened! He doesn't bark anymore and is learning to self-soothe. My only issue is when it gets to the setting where it vibrates, it vibrates after the beep so often times he's stopped barking already and then it will vibrate. We're hopeful it won't get to that point as he learns more.

Five stars, he stop barking

I’m so glad we bought the colar, it’s really amazing. Now my dog hardly barks. Thank you petpawsabilities.

Great product

Does the job well. Stopped our howling hound from getting our neighbors mad! Haha

No Bark

No bark is what happens when we put the collar on the Great Pyrenees. Now to get one for the Yorkie!!

Should have bought 2 yrs ago

This collar has worked well to control the barking. We have a Rough Collie who used to bark several times a day at people on a walking path behind our house. Now she barks once and stops. Walking on the leash has also become easier as she no longer barks at other dogs and people. Wish we would have bought this collar two years ago!